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About Us

Hampers By Dellie was founded in early 2021 by Ellie and Dean Bell, a married couple from York. We had always wanted to start our own business inspired by everything Yorkshire and lockdown gave us the time and opportunity to start our little hamper company! 

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Our Story

Being Yorkshire born and bred we love everything this part of the country offers. It has some of the most breathtaking scenery, friendly people & amazing attractions in the whole of the UK (biased we know!). What we believe is most special about Yorkshire is the phenomenal range of mouth watering local produce made by local neighbourly people. It is really important to us that we use this produce in our hampers as not only does everything taste incredible, but we get to support local independent businesses, which is the reason we started Hampers By Dellie!

We are an online company currently with our headquarters in York. Ultimately our dream in the future is to expand into a little shop for a range of premade and bespoke hampers. We are always available by phone or email and we like to get out and about and most recently we were at Living North Christmas Fair at York Racecourse and hope to be there this year too!



Reach out and contact us with any questions or just for a general chat!


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